100% Genuine Diamonds

Our diamond inventory only consists of 100% genuine diamonds.

When you purchase a diamond from PrimeSettings, you are purchasing a diamond that has been produced through natural processes. Our diamonds are mined from the earth and are not lab created, like cubic zirconia or rhinestones.

Genuine, natural diamonds take billions of years to form. Through volcanic eruptions, they are carried to the Earth’s surface. After many more hours of labor and craftsmanship, a diamond makes it way to you. And because they are formed naturally, genuine diamonds contain tiny imperfections and a brilliance that can’t be matched.

While diamonds may last forever, the supply of diamonds will not.

At PrimeSettings, we pride ourselves at being able to offer you direct-factory prices so that you can afford a piece of luxury and history. We inspect our diamonds to ensure that our customers receive only 100% genuine diamonds.

We are so confident that if you are not happy with your purchase, we guarantee your money back if you are not completely satisfied.