Verification Education Page

Q. I was just asked to verify my account and send in my personal details, what am I supposed to do?


A. As diamonds and diamond jewelry are a high case of fraud over the Internet we require the verification to protect our customers as well as ourselves from fraudulent transactions. This verification process will not delay your order; however we will need to complete the verification process in order to insure and ship your item(s).


STEP 1 – Photo ID 



STEP 2 – Credit Card [the Front & the Back]

When sending your credit card we ask that you hide all sensitive information. Please refer to the image above.


By sending in your verification it lets us know that you are indeed the credit card holder and the one who has made the transaction. We can now insure and ship your order to your delivery address.


Please indicate your order number on the fax/email and your full name. Be sure what you are sending is legible otherwise it will not be accepted by our verification department and you will be asked to re-send the verification.


If you need any further assistance please feel free to contact us at 888.532.9440.