Diamond and Jewelry Education

Diamond and Jewelry

A diamond lasts forever and here at PrimeSettings.com we want you to be confident in your purchase. These Diamond Education pages you will help you to learn everything you need to know before purchasing your diamond. We offer only high quality independently certified diamonds and all our products come with a price guarantee.

Diamond Education


Possibly the most important aspect of buying a diamond is choosing the right shape!


This determines the sparkle of your diamond. All the Diamond cuts of Prime Settings are Very Good!


Color grades determine how white or yellow your diamond is, click here to learn more!


The level of brilliance will depend on the clarity of your diamond. Learn more about the clarity of your diamond here.

Carat Weight

One of the biggest deciding factors in overall price. The larger the Carat weight the more expensive the diamond.


Every order comes with their free certificates. Common practice is to take insurance and care for your item, learn how to here!

Jewelry Education


Choosing which metal to use will influence the "look", of the piece.

Setting Styles

From contemporary to vintage, the setting style is a very personal choice.

Ring Size

Ring size is crucial and in some cases cannot be altered after the fact.