Jewelry Ring size

No matter what stone, setting, or quality ring you decide to get for a gift, it is all for nothing if the ring doesn’t fit!

Finding the ring size is easy if you can get someone in to a jewelry store, but what about if you want to get lower priced diamonds rings online? More importantly, what if you want to give a diamond ring as a surprise gift, or even propose to your future bride?

Diamond ring sizes vary from country to country.  In the US the sizes range from 0 to 20, and include quarter fractions, so for instance you might have a ring size of “12 ¾” or “15 ½”. Though you want to be as accurate as possible, people often get a size that is just a little larger, especially if it going to be worn for a long time (engagement rings or wedding rings).

If you are looking to buy diamond rings online, they are generally shown in US sizes unless the website is designed for selling diamond rings to a specific country.

How to Measure a Ring Size

Most jewelers can quickly find your ring size, however if you want to measure it at home, you might want to check out a printable guide such as this Determine Your Ring Size.

If you want to be accurate, you can also purchase ring sticks fairly cheaply from most online stores, of course, you also might have the challenge of getting your loved ones ring size, without them knowing about it!

How to Find a Ring Size Without Her Realizing

Finding a woman’s ring size in secret can be a difficult challenge.  Trying to do this can be important, especially when you want it to be a surprise.

There are some common tricks that can help you out though!

One of the most common techniques is by using a piece of string. By taking a short length of string, you can create an adjustable loop, gently slip it over the finger and tighten it until it fits loosely over the skin.  Take a marker and add a small mark where the loop crosses.  Later on you can measure this against a guide, such as the printable one mentioned above, or by buying an actual ‘ring stick’ (the official tool used to measure ring sizes). 

Ring sticks are more accurate than a downloadable guide, as slight differences in printer settings can cause inaccurate readings.

Changing a Rings Size

Diamond rings are gifts that are meant to last forever, but what if the finger it’s meant for shrinks or grows?

People change as they age, and you might find that you need to have your ring resized.

Most simple rings can easily be resized by a jeweler.  For rings that have diamonds set in the band however, a ring resizing may be impossible.  This is especially true if the ring has channel set diamonds, which could become displaced from any metal work.

If a ring does become too small or large and cannot be resized, you can also have a new band created for your current diamonds.

International customer?

Don’t worry simply use the drop down menu below, select your ring size from the available options and it will automatically convert it for you! It’s that simple.